Manor Park Move Update


Work has started building the new facility for Wantage Tennis Club at Manor Park.

The two public courts (see photo) will be refurbished by the 1st April. The club will use these temporarily until the four club courts are completed around 1 July. After 1 July the club will operate and maintain the courts but the public will be able to book these courts.

The club will have a clubhouse and four floodlit courts to the side and above the existing courts. Low energy LED lights will be installed, which will give lower running costs than standard lighting.



You can get a good idea how the new facility will look by clicking here


The section below tracks the progress of the build at Manor Park.


Images taken on the 24th June 2016 – end of week 23 of 25

Click on each image for a better view.


All the paths around the club are in the process of being laid.  The bike rack has also been installed.

Entrance4_240616     Entrance3_240616

Entrance2_240616     Entrance_240616

Entrance1_240616     Pathway_240616


All the courts have been laid, 4 with temporary lines.  They will be painted in a couple of weeks.

Courts2_240616     Courts1_240616



Most of the light fittings have been fitted.  The changing rooms are nearly finished and have working showers.

Clubhouse2_240616     Clubhouse_240616


More work being done today to complete the car park




Click here for previous weeks images




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