First Match on New courts

In play
Wantage Mens B had the honour of hosting the first league match against Kingston Bagpuize A. Regulars Bernie Kurzik and Ollie Tabor were supported by Stephen Day and Simon John. Ollie and Stephen are seen here having an even match against the Kingston Bagpuize. Sad to say home advantage did not prevail!

The participants
Despite the unfinished lines and the building site everyone thought the new site was a great location!


The balls did pick up some dirt however (the ball on the right was from the match).

Tea at Bowls Club

The Bowls club have kindly lent us their clubhouse facilities, and we celebrated with a round of beers. It was a beautiful location, and seeing as the bowls season has not started yet, we had it all to ourselves. Many thanks to the Bowls Club for their hospitality!

Scratched Bus
As a distraction from the main proceedings, a bus from Wimborne Football, attempted (and failed) to make the turn into Manor Park. This resulted in a bus with a very scratched back side and the top stone of the gate post being swivelled by 45 degrees. I gather that the gates are being redone as part of the project, so perhaps the driver thought he would give us a hand…

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