Argentan 2016


Tam, Steve and Chris all participated in the twinning visit with Argentan . We were a mixed group, some players from Wantage, some from Abingdon, some not members of any club and some who did not play at all. Some travelled by bike, including Chris, and others by car.


We met up at the town hall at 6.00 pm on 31st May and went off with  our host families for dinner.


We spent the mornings at the club playing tournaments mainly among ourselves as most of the French were working. Chris Gray organised the tournaments with a fiendish handicap system which resulted in Steve Thompson winning the champagne prize. In the afternoons we did some touristy visits, Falaise castle where William the Conqueror was born, Camembert and Livarot cheese factories. Where opportunity arose we played tennis in the evening as well.


On the last evening we treated our hosts to a meal at a couscousserie where there was a lot of good wine, and singing.


Most of us were home by Saturday 4th and we have invited them back here for next year.


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